Alexandrite, birthstone for June, has long been sought after for its incredible ability to actually change color depending on the light source! In daylight Alexandrite will be a green to blue/green color; yet indoors under an incandescent light it will become a violet/red to purple. Alexandrite is gemstone to celebrate the 55th anniversary and birthstone for the month of June.

Purple has long been considered a royal color and fine Amethysts are frequently featured in the crown jewels of kings and pharaohs. Amethyst is the February birthstone and 6th and 17th anniversary gemstone.

Sometimes Amethyst and Citrine colors are found in the same crystal of Quartz, called Ametrine! Only one mine in the world, the Anahi Mine in Bolivia, produces these stunning bi-color yellow and purple gems in quantity. Now in very limited supply.

Named with the Greek word for seawater, Aquamarine sparkles like the sea and legends say that it is the treasure of mermaids. The blue member of the Beryl family, its pale fire is flattering to most skin tones. Aquamarine is the March birthstone and the gemstone for 19th anniversary.

Named from the French word for lemon, "citron", sunny Citrine can brighten almost any jewelry style, blending especially well with the yellow gleam of polished Gold. Citrine is an alternative to Topaz as the birthstone for November and the gemstone for the 13th anniversary.

Coral is a gem from the wonders of the Sea. It is the gemstone for the 35th anniversary.

Often dubbed as the ultimate in gemstone world, diamonds have been cherished and worshipped for thousands of years. Because it's the hardest mineral found in nature, diamond jewelry became the holy symbol of everlasting power, wealth, and love. Diamond is the birthstone for April and the gemstone for the 10th and 60th anniversary.

Because the rich green color of Emerald is the color of spring, the ancients prized it as the gemstone symbolizing love and rebirth. Emerald is the birthstone for May, the month of springtime romance, and the anniversary gemstone for the twentieth year of marriage, the perfect emblem of an enduring love.

The name Garnet probably comes from pomegranate. Many ancient pieces of Garnet jewelry are studded with tiny red stones that do look a lot like a cluster of pomegranate seeds. Garnet is the January birthstone and the gemstone for the 2nd anniversary.

When Viking explorers used thin pieces of precious Iolite as a polarizing lens to determine the position of the sun, they could navigate safely even in the rain. Today Iolite is prized for its beauty - - a richness of color that is strong, yet soothing. Iolite is the gemstone for the 21st anniversary.

Jade is an enduring treasure to be worn and enjoyed, and whether given as a gift or bought for yourself, the Chinese believe that jade brings good luck and good fortune to those who wear it. Jade is the gemstone for the 12th anniversary.

While Pearls are classified as colored gems, there is a unique appeal about them. Unlike other gemstones born of earth and fire, pearls are water born organic gems that exude a gentle freshness. Pearl cultivation actually started eight hundred years ago in China, when carvings of Buddhist deities were planted in river mollusks in order to be coated with pearl-like layers. However, it wasn’t until about 1900 that Kokichi Mikimoto succeeded in fully cultivating round pearls. Nowadays pearls come in every shape, size and color imaginable, and as if to reflect this, prices for these water born jewels are as equally varied. Pearl is the birthstone for the month of June and it is the anniversary gemstone for the 3rd and 30th anniversary.

Born in fire, small crystals of Peridot are often found in the rocks created by volcanoes. Peridot is treasured in Hawaii as the goddess Peles tears. You will treasure its lively sparkle and pleasing color. It is the August birthstone and the gemstone for the 16th anniversary.

Ruby has been the world’s most valued gemstone for thousands of years. The finest Rubies are more rare and more valuable than even top quality colorless Diamonds. Burma quality Rubies have a reputation for holding their vivid color under all lighting conditions. Ruby is the birthstone for July and gemstone for the 40th anniversary.

Ancient Persians believed the Earth rested on a giant Sapphire and it was the stones reflection that colored the sky. Sapphire is found in all the colors of the heavens: from midnight blue to the bright blue of the noon sky to the delicate violet of twilight. The most valuable Sapphires are a rich intense blue - a truly royal hue. Sapphire is September’s birthstone and the gemstone for the 23rd and 45th anniversary.

First discovered in East Africa in 1967, Tanzanite is the ultimate prize of a gem safari. It is supremely rare, coming from only one place in the world, the Merelani Hills of Tanzania, in the shadow of Mount Kilimanjaro. Its rich purple-blue is thrilling to behold especially when mounted in Platinum. Very popular in recent years, Tanzanite works extremely well for all jewelry styles. Tanzanite is the gemstone for 24th anniversary and the birthstone for the month of December.

Some say the name "Topaz" came from Topazos, a small island in the Red Sea where Romans found the stone. It comes in just about any color one can imagine. And for colors not found in nature, there are ways to treat clear topaz stones to create it. Beside solid colors, topaz can also be treated to create beautiful multicolored gems, such as the popular mystic fire and blue tavalite.

As a birthstone for November, topaz was symbols for the Sun God in many ancient cultures including Egyptians and Romans. Others believed the gem brought powers against harm and spells. The ancient Greeks wore topaz jewelry for enhanced strength.

Tourmalines are found in an abundant array of colors. They offer a wide variety of choice for the discerning gemstone jewelry enthusiast. A complete collection of all the colors represents a fascinating quest for the knowledgeable seeker of nature’s bounty. Dark blue, blue green and green tourmalines are often heated to lighten their color. Red tourmalines (also known as rubellites) and pink varieties are often heated and/or irradiated to improve their colors. Heat and irradiation color enhancement of tourmalines are permanent. Tourmaline is the birthstone for the month of October and the gemstone for the 24th anniversary.

Tsavorite is a rare member of the Garnet family, occurring in a rich, deep Emerald green color. It was discovered in Tsavo National Park in Kenya and introduced to the jewelry trade in the 1970s. More brilliant, durable and more rare than Emerald at a fraction of the cost! Garnet is the birthstone for January and the gemstone for the 2nd anniversary.

ZIRCON is the birthstone of December. Thailand and Cambodia are the world’s major suppliers of zircon with large deposits near the border of the two countries. Vietnam, Burma, Sri Lanka and Africa also provide a large supply of these marvelous gemstones to the world market. There are three natural types of zircons: low, medium and high. The variance is due mainly to the differences in the specific gravity and refractive index.

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